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Walking is an Ideal Exercise to treat kidney stones

Take advice from the doctor before attempting any exercise program.

Walking helps people infected with Kidney Diseases.

It does not get any simpler than walking to maintain or improve the overall health. Walking moves the large muscle groups repetitively. Health experts say that the average a person should get around 30 minutes of the exercise a day. Walking is recommended highly, as it can help curb cardiovascular conditions, a major health risk for people with the chronic kidney disease (CKD) and those on the dialysis.

A comfortable pair of shoes and commitment to health, is the only requirement. Other than lowering chances of heart problems, the other benefits of walking include: better blood pressure control, improved blood circulation, stress relief, stronger muscles, weight control, , boost in energy levels, sharper memory, restful sleep, etc.

Incorporate walking into the daily routine. Rather than getting into the car or taking a public transportation, walk to the destination. Invite a friend along or make it a family affair. Walking with a companion is inexpensive social activity and can be a great way to catch up while doing something good for the body.

How shall I get started walking for my kidney health?

Getting started on the walking program is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Warm up the body and stretch before every walk Make sure to consult the doctor / instructor, about the warm up exercises before attempting them. It usually takes only 5 minutes and can be gentle and enjoyable for sure. Here are few suggestions to help begin (perform each move for 5-10 seconds):
The Arms:
Reach both the arms toward the ceiling and clasp the hands together for about 5-10 seconds. Next, stretch the arms out to the side and rotate them forward in a small and circular motion. Repeat this by rotating the arms backward. Then cross one arm over the chest, using other arm to hold it in place. Repeat this move on other arm.
The Calves, hamstrings and back: Gently bend forward and reach for the toes.
The Thighs: Stand straight, bend the right knee and use the right hand to guide the foot towards the buttocks. Hold on this position and repeat on left side. If having difficulties balancing on one foot, then hold on to a chair or table to help stabilize.
2. Walk for about 30 minutes or more, at least three times a week. If that seems as a challenge, then do what is manageable.
3. Cool down by slowing the pace for the last five minutes of the walk. This helps the body to come back to a more relaxed state.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve overall health and maintain an active lifestyle when suffering from a kidney disease or are on the dialysis. It might help curb cardiovascular problems, control blood pressure, reduce stress and become a social activity for the family. So go ahead, put the best foot forward and enjoy the health benefits exercise can provide.

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