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Orange Juice is good for the Kidney Stones

The Vitamin C rich orange juice may help to prevent certain kidney stones.

Also, the Orange Juice might prevent the Kidney Stones from repeating, better than other Citrus drinks.

An Orange juice daily can keep the kidney stone away.

A latest study shows that per day glass of the orange juice could help prevent repeating kidney stones in a better way, than other citrus juices e.g., lemonade, etc.

The researchers observed that many people presume that all the citrus juices help in stopping the formation of kidney stones. But these observations suggest that all types of citrus juices do not have the similar protective effect on the people at risk but a few; from the painful stone problem.

Kidney stones usually develop when the minerals and other chemicals in the urine become over-concentrated. Further, these crystals stick together to form a stone.

People who already have had a kidney stone earlier in life, are at high recurrent risk of the kidney stones. These people are advised to get a meal plan diet from their Dietitions. They are also adviced for making changes in their lifestyle, in order to slow the rate of new stone formation.

Citrate Slows the Kidney Stones
Modern Studies have found that the potassium citrate supplements can slow-down the rate of formation of the kidney stones. But some people due to the gastrointestinal side effects cannot tolerate the supplements.

The Citrate help in preventing formation of the kidney stone by allowing for more citrate level in the urine, resulting in the lowering of the acidity of the urine.

Orange Juice is better Than Lemonade
“The Orange juice may play positive role in the kidney stone disease management and could be considered an alternative for the patients who cannot tolerant potassium citrate.”

In their study, the researchers have compared the effects of the orange juice and the lemonade in preventing the recurring of the kidney stones. Both these juices have comparable citrate levels.

Total Twelve people, some of them, with a history of the kidney stones and few without had participated in the three-phase study.

Randomly, the participants consumed 100ml approximately of either the orange juice or lemonade or distilled water; three times per day with the meals for a week, with a three-week interval after which they moved to the next phase. They also stuck to a recommended special diet for preventing the recurrent kidney stones.

The results showed that the orange juice increased the levels of the citrate in urine thus decreased urine acidity, which reduces the threat of kidney stone formation. But the lemonade had the dissimilar effect.

Hence, it is proved that the Orange juice can play a potential role in the management of the kidney stone and other renal diseases and could be considered a secure option for the patients who’re intolerant to potassium citrate.

The study concluded that the additional ingredients in the citrus juices might affect their effectiveness in lowering the risk of recurring kidney stone. For e.g., the citrate of the orange and the grapefruit juice is accompanied by a potassium ion, whereas, the citrate in the lemonade and the cranberry juice is by a proton. So, the proton may counter-act the acid resulting in lowering the effects of these juices.

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