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Natural way to discharge Kidney Stone

Imbalance in lifestyle due to stress and acidic diet is a primary cause of all health issues. Disease happens due to lack of energy, rest, and accumulation of physical and mental toxins.  Ayurvedic reason and solutions or treatments for Kidney stones formation in the body. A simple solution for a complex problem due to toxin accumulation in the urinary system.


1. Too much and too little salt consumption.
2. Drinking too much and too little water.
3. Living with constant fear in mind.
4. Sleeping in an area without air circulation.
7. Incense and mosquito repellent incenses.
8. Sleep in a room with air condition.

How to remove the kidney stones in a day by drinking soup of green bean.

Boil green bean in water for two hours over very low heat and when the soup has cooled down sufficiently drink the juice slowly. After that, every hour drink a liter of water for the next three hours. Best to perform this cleanse early in the morning after rising and in empty stomach.

The nutrients from the soup have the capacity to break down the stones. This stones are crystal formation in the urinary track or in the kidney itself. As the calcification gets expelled, the crystal like stones may cause scratches in the urinary track during discharge as the broken stones or crystal have sharp edges. You may feel a sensation of burning in you urinary track during discharge of urine. The burning sensation will subside and you will overcome the irritation within 24 to 48 hours as the wall lining of the urinary duct heals itself.

Regularly drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day to allow for the toxin to flow out.

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