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Complications of the kidney stones

The most common complication of the kidney stones is that they might recur. Kidney stones affect around one in 11 people.
Other complications are rare due the fact that the kidney stones are usually identified and treated before problems could occur. However, if blockage occurs, there is a risk of infection, which in rare cases can damage the kidney.

The Recurring kidney stones;
People who had passed one kidney stone are thought to have:
• 20 percent chance of having another kidney stone within five years.
• 35 percent chance of having another kidney stone within 10 years.
• 70 percent chance of having another kidney stone within 20 years.
The best way to prevent the recurring kidney stones is to drink plenty of the water each day to avoid dehydration.

Complications of treatment of Kidney Stone
The different kinds of the treatments for larger kidney stone may cause some complications. The surgeon should explain these before one undergoes the procedure.

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Possible complications will depend on which treatment you have and the size and the position of stones. Complications may include:
The Sepsis – an infection that spreads through blood, causing symptoms throughout the body
The Steinstrasse – is the medical name for the blockage caused by the fragments of the stone in the ureter.
It may cause an injury to the ureter or the urinary tract infection (UTI) or the bleeding during surgery or the pain.
It is estimated that 5-9 percentage of the people may experience complications after having the ureterorenoscopy.

Demerits of Removal of Kidney Stone by Surgery:
It is adviced that one should first try to get rid of the kidney stone by itself.

Surgical techniques have also developed to remove the kidney stones when other treatment methods are not very effective. This may be done through a small incision in the skin or through the instrument known as the ureteroscope which is passed through the urethra and bladder into the ureter.

People should opt for surgery only when the complication is serious.

The Unplanned hospital visits after the kidney stone removal happens often and is very expensive.

A recent study found that the procedures to remove the kidney stones often leads to costly and unplanned hospital visits, due to the complications within 30 days of the procedure.

The researchers expected that the findings should encourage efforts to identify the preventable causes of the unplanned, post-procedure visits, and the come up with the interventions to reduce complications of the kidney stone surgery.

Total of 52 percent of participants underwent shockwave lithotripsy (SWL), 45 percent underwent the ureteroscopy (URS) and 3 percent underwent the percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL).

The moral of these facts is that we should take control of our eating and drinking habits and make the exercise a habit. As the water is the best medicine for kidney stone cure. So we should all drink plenty of water on daily basis in order to stay fit. We should adhere with our Meal plan after getting it from the dietitian.

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