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Hashmi Sales Corporation well established pharmaceuticals manufacturer & Distributer firm. Quality of manufacturing is investigated at each step, which enables us to ensure secure & timely delivery of required natural capsule to customer. Hashmi Sales Corporation is awarded by GMP Certificate.

ISO 9001:2008

Hashmi Sales Corporation: an ISO Certified manufacturing & distributing pharmaceuticals. ISO 9001:2008 is a chain of values, developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), establish, & maintain an effective quality management system for manufacturing & service pharmaceuticals. Our standards are matched with national standards bodies. ISO 9001:2008 deals with the basics of total quality management which helps in improving organizational performance & offers a framework for managing business & ensuring philosophy of continuous improvements in every aspect of business & social service.

GMP Certificate

It is the certificate awarded to those health groups who follow good manufacturing process which are well defined & controlled. This total quality organization minimizes the quality risk & side effects of medicine. Also involves examination & investigation of any complaint regarding to drug, its manufacturing & taking necessary actions towards it.

Company shows transparency & utmost loyalty to its customer. Let’s make our readers comprehend our total quality management system from sourcing of raw material till the final deliver of required medicine to your door steps.

Steps undertaken during Manufacturing

Ingredients of natural medicine grown only by trained farmers. Procedure of harvesting takes place under supervision of husbandry experts. We select those herbs only nurtured through organic fertilizers & natural bio techniques for control of pest & weeds. Appropriate temperature & environment is maintained green houses grown in controlled environment.
When plants are grown to their full length, they are handpicked through workers. In this process Quality is again measured by sorting color, size, age of shrubs & trees & also checking nutrition quantity in it.
However, some ingredients of raw material in natural medicine are unavailable in India; hence import these herbs from world trusted harvesters in natural medicinal plants. We ensure purchase of high attribute herbs after proper process of quality check.
Collected herbs are brought to well equipped laboratory where different ratio are mixed, forwarded to next step where various juices, chemicals are extracted from those herbs. Machines used, are decontaminate & maintain by trained engineers & scientists.
Juices, chemical extracted from these mixed in special ratio to make natural capsule. Scientists always keep an eye on it so prevent contamination.
Simultaneously packaging is prepared for medicine. Vacuum is maintained & various chemicals used to prevent contamination in packaging material.
Each bottle is packed in proper wooden box privately to maintain privacy issues for customer.

Note- We strongly object to child labor. None of a child is working during our procedure of harvesting or hand picking of herbs or packaging of medicine.

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