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Can Cigarette cause Kidney Stones ?

We all have thought of Health hazard caused by cigarette smoke. Now, people are more aware of the adverse health effects and negative economic consequences but still the figures of smoking continue to rise. Now cigarette packs bear a warning message, as cigarette smoke of contains around more than four thousand different substances such as ammonia, nicotine, carbon monoxide, acetone, ...

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Men More Prone to Kidney Stones

Unfortunately, one of the most painful and common disorders affecting men is the presence of a kidney stone. Although they do affect women as well but men are more vulnerable to kidney stone than women. For all those men, who only partially know about it or those, completely unaware of this painful condition, here is a rundown like, about what ...

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Walking is an Ideal Exercise to treat kidney stones

Take advice from the doctor before attempting any exercise program. Walking helps people infected with Kidney Diseases. It does not get any simpler than walking to maintain or improve the overall health. Walking moves the large muscle groups repetitively. Health experts say that the average a person should get around 30 minutes of the exercise a day. Walking is recommended ...

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