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Kidney Stone Symptoms: Women

Approximately 5% of women will develop at least one kidney stone before reaching age of 70, according to the health officials. Pain The kidneys are located on either side of the lower back and serve to remove toxins from the body as urine. Kidney stone within the urinary tract can cause sensations of pain within the lower back in females ...

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What Every Woman Should Know – Kidney Stones and Pregnancy

Kidney stone affects both the mother and unborn baby, negatively affecting health, development, and also delivery. Being pregnant does not necessarily increase the chance of going to develop kidney stones, but it’s important to know that pregnancy increases the difficulty in their remedy… and every pregnant, or might-become pregnant, woman should pay special attention to the habits that discourage kidney ...

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Walking is an Ideal Exercise to treat kidney stones

Take advice from the doctor before attempting any exercise program. Walking helps people infected with Kidney Diseases. It does not get any simpler than walking to maintain or improve the overall health. Walking moves the large muscle groups repetitively. Health experts say that the average a person should get around 30 minutes of the exercise a day. Walking is recommended ...

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Kidney stones: ‘Are worse than the childbirth’

One of the most common symptom is the flank pain on one side. It also radiates down into the stomach and can actually radiate down into genital area. That type of pain is commonly seen in the kidney stone patient. Nausea and vomiting are those type of symptoms that gives us a clue that there may be a stone. The ...

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